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Note:  Lowrey is the correct spelling of Allen's name.  So Sorry Allen!

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Bonus Track for 2021 Digital Re-Release

All For Naught

Word and Music    1986 Tom Ovans

Recorded at Sound Vortex Studio, Nashville

Lou Ann Bardash - Slide Acoustic Guitar

Larry Chaney - Electric Guitar

Kelley Looney - Bass

Ken Coomer - Drums


He's got a smile

Lights up this room

He's got a smile

Takes away the gloom

Me I'm sitting here

Staring at the door

He can leave you wondering

What you come back for

Everything is changing

Everything's the same

Everything is joy

And everything is pain

Climbing walls

Trying to get back in

Climbing walls

Trying to get back out again

I feel like I'm ahead

Feel like I'm behind

All my friends just say

It's not your time

What can you do

When you're feeling sad

Keep telling yourself

It can't be this bad

Well the last time I saw him

We were in the park

I was playing my guitar

And the day was getting dark

Guess a win is a win

And a loss is a loss

No matter what you do

Sometimes it's all for naught

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