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Alzheimer's Memories

Click on the painting below to view the youtube video of the series


Art and Music have been the focus of my life.  The beauty of creating is that sometimes it can help you explain and understand difficult situations.  When my family was dealt the horrible blow of Alzheimer's, it was devastating and it never did really get any better than devastating.  As bad as it was for the rest of us, I just couldn't imagine how my mom felt -- or how anyone feels who is gradually losing everything.  This series is my way of trying to understand.  It's a pretty heavy duty story and I put together a video which combines the art pieces, my music and narrative.  When I share the video (or better yet, the actual paintings) with people, you can see the connection immediately.  So many folks are forced to endure the Evil Alz and the only "positive" might be that after one has gone through this storm, you can help others get through it.  That is what this show is for and I feel grateful to use my art in this way.

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